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Navigating the worlds of education and career can be quite challenging for anyone, but particularly for military service members and veterans. With myriad pathways available—both to enter and transition out of military service—planning a successful, sustainable future can be overwhelming for military personnel.

Through this convenient one-page destination, helps our troops muster the education and career information they need:

Military Education Headquarters:

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Why These Articles Matter

The US military population is unique and members of this group are often underserved. Veterans and active service members need (and these articles offer resources around):
  • Financial Stability: Supporting themselves and their families can be a challenge for military personnel once they leave the service. Education and career are both excellent pathways to financial stability. These articles dive into the nitty gritty of crafting a sustainable, successful academic and/or career path as a military veteran or service member.
  • Understanding and Support: Military veterans and service members greatly benefit from schools and places of employment that understand, address, and embrace military personnel and their unique skills and needs. This suite of articles helps military personnel identify school and career pathways that offer programs, scholarships, colleagues, and other resources to meet their specific needs.
  • Mental Health Resources: Transitioning to college or career post-military can be especially challenging and veterans are at a higher risk than their peers to face mental health challenges including depression, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to a study by the Rand Corp., nearly 20% of recent veterans reported to feelings of depression or PTSD. These articles point to a host of mental health resources for veterans.
Who Needs to Know?
Service men and women and their families, whether active duty or civilian, will benefit from this compendium. In addition, military schools and academies, military support organizations, veterans groups, military-focused charities, and counseling services can direct veterans and military personnel to this convenient single source for a wide range of education and career resources and support.
Topics Covered
The Military Education Headquarters page provides in-depth information on the following:
  • College
    • A Complete Guide to Using Your GI Bill
    • Military Scholarships
    • Making the Transition From Military To College
    • Best Online Colleges for Military Personnel & Families
    • Attending a Military Academy
    • Transitioning From College to Military: Becoming an Officer
  • Career & Civilian Life
    • Know Your KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)
    • Getting Military Branch Jobs (COMING SOON)
    • Making the Transition to Civilian Life
    • Starting a Civilian Career
    • Transitioning From Military To Law Enforcement
  • General Information
    • The Savvy Student’s Guide to Military and College (COMING SOON)
    • Military Support Resources
    • Education Support Resources
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