Our Chairman

E.C.V.M.M. Welcomes Our New Chairman of the Board Donnie Hale

Donnie Hale became chairman of the museum in January of 2017. He has challenged E.C.V.M.M. and its supporters to make 2017 a great year for the museum.

Below are few additions Mr. Hale would like to see at E.C.V.M.M.

*Make 2017 a Banner Year for the Edgecombe Veterans’ Military Museum

*An increase in Veteran’s Photos in the museum.

*Additions to the Veteran’s Brick Memorial

*See how you can purchase a Brick to honor your Veteran under the Brick Memorial Tab

*More volunteers. We need two for each two hour shift

* Open more hours.

Donnie Hale has committed to go to any organization and talk about the Edgecombe County Veterans’ Military Museum. That means Any Time and Any Place.

A Special Note From Our Chairman:

“I want to thank all the volunteers for manning our Check Point Charlie at the front desk. Without you the museum cannot open!”