Veteran Photo Project


Edgecombe County Veteran’s Photo Memorial Wall

E.C.V.M.M. has over 1,000 photos of Edgecombe County Veterans from the Revolutionary War forward. Stop in and see if you recognize any faces on the memorial wall. If you are looking for a specific person we have a book that provides the location of each photo.

Do You Have A Photo To Add?

Anyone who has lived in, has ties to, or is from Edgecombe County is eligible to have their photo placed on the Veteran’s Memorial Wall inside of E.C.V.M.M.

If you have a photo you would like to add please bring the photo to the museum and any information you wish to include with the photograph. Most list the service branch, years of service, and rank.

We ask that you bring a 8 by 10 copy of the photo you would like to place in the museum. We will provide the frame. *This is a new policy ECVMM in implementing.**