Veteran’s Oral History Project

Step 1: Interview

Interviews for the Veteran's Oral History Project will take place at E.C.V.M.M.  and will last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Step 2: Transcription of Interview

After the interview takes place, a transcription of the interview will be made along with several digital and hard copies of the interview.

Step 3: Preserve

Each interview will be stored in E.C.V.M.M.'s archives and sent to the Library of Congress in conjunction with the National Veteran's Oral History Project.

Record Your Military Experience with E.C.V.M.M.

The goal for this project is to record the oral history of our nations veteran’s, especially those from Edgecombe County, to ensure the preservation of their stories for generations to come. Each individual’s military experience is unique and this project aims to capture those experiences.

Please click below for the complete outline of the project and for a list of sample questions.

Veteran's Oral History Project Outline

If you are interested in participating in the Veteran’s Oral History project please contact the museum at 252-823-0891. Someone will assist you with setting up a time for an interview and can provide more information if needed.