Veteran’s Oral History Project Outline

Veteran's Oral History Project 

Please Contact the Edgecombe County Veterans' Military Museum at 823-0891, Thursday-Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm for more information or to set up a time for an interview.

Goal for Project:

The goal for this project is to record the oral history of Edgecombe County Veterans to ensure the preservation of their stories for generations to come.


The focus for this project is to allow each participant to share their memories of their time served in the United States Military. Every individuals experience is unique; I want each interview to capture that about Edgecombe County’s Veterans.  A list of the same questions will be asked to all participants but the topics shared are not limited to these questions.

How Goal Will Be Accomplished:

A five part series of interviews will take place in order to record the histories of Edgecombe Counties Veterans. This is only a tentative schedule, and can expand to include peace time military service.

Series I: World War II 1935-1945

Series II: Korean War 1950-1953

Series III: Vietnam War 1960-1975

Series IV: Persian Gulf War 1990-1991

Series V: Afghanistan-Iraq Wars 2001 – Present

Each interview will vary in length but should run roughly around an hour .  Prior to the interview date, I would like to meet with each person participating, so I can better understand their military background, discuss possible interview questions, and so we can get to know one another.

Each interview will be recorded using a video camera. Photographs at the time of the interview may also occur.

Following transcriptions of the interviews, the files and transcriptions will be in possession of the Edgecombe County Military Veteran’s Museum and stored in their archives. Transcriptions and information will also be sent to the Library of Congress towards their national efforts to collection the oral histories of veterans.

All release forms will be obtained the day of the interview.


Interviews will take place at the Edgecombe County Military Veterans' Museum

All individuals will be asked to list their full name, branch of military service, service dates, rank, and location of service at the beginning of the interview.

A list of questions will be on hand to ask each individual participating in the interview. But the main focus for this project is to allow each person to tell their story in the manner in which they choose. While starter and filler questions make great interviews, it is important to focus on the unique experience of each person.


The Following Is A List Of Sample Questions That May Be Asked During The Interview

Do you recall your first few days after joining the services?

What are some of your most memorable experiences?

Did you enlist or were you drafted for services?

What did you expect military like to be like? How did this compare to reality?

Did you serve overseas?

Why did you pick the service branch you did?

What was your job assignment?

Where you awarded any medals or citations?

Did you see combat?

Where there any casualties in your unit?

Was there something you did for good luck?

Did you keep a personal diary?

How did your experience in the military transfer back into life in Edgecombe County/ North Carolina? Were you treated differently after returning from service by family, friends or towns people?

Did you have a new outlook or perception of race relations in Edgecombe County/North Carolina after serving in the military?